Important service qualities that make a remarkable taxicab customer service

Consider the last time you called for a private taxi service. Was it a simple and enjoyable experience? Many people are unsure what to anticipate from a private taxi service or what service attributes make for a memorable ride, but this guide can help you benefit from a better riding experience the next time you book a private taxi service.

Safety first

To begin with, having a taxicab driver that is competent and trustworthy is undoubtedly the most vital attribute for any taxicab driver to possess. As a passenger, you want to know that your driver is responsible and that you are in good hands. This could include anything from practising car safety and keeping a clean vehicle to following traffic rules. You want to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you will arrive at your destination without unwanted stress or harm.

Experience and knowledge can make a big difference

Is there anything worse than taking a taxicab ride with an inexperienced driver? Especially if you're on a tight time schedule and the driver doesn't know how to negotiate traffic or is unfamiliar with local routes! The best way to avoid this is to book a reputable driver through a reputable taxi service.

It is really important that your taxicab driver has excellent local and current knowledge of the routes, particularly those heading to airports, and that he can negotiate peak traffic without endangering your life. Many private taxi companies pick their (fully vetted) drivers by hand to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Punctuality pays off

It is expected of a taxicab driver to provide a service that is both punctual and honest, which means transporting you to your location safely and on time while avoiding possible delays along the route. It is therefore paramount to have faith that your taxi driver will carry your best interest at heart, and that is to deliver a safe and pleasant experience. This entails getting you to your destination as quickly and efficiently as feasible.

Covid-19 protocol and general hygiene

When getting into a taxi these days, there is always the possibility of contracting the dreaded Coronavirus, especially when sharing a ride, so it is critical that your taxi driver follows the Covid-19 protocol. You also want the taxicab to be clean and well-organized. This includes a no-smoking protocol inside the cab, clean seating and a clean atmosphere devoid of debris and dust, as well as no remaining waste.

There is no doubting that taxicab drivers may face a number of unexpected challenges or distractions along the route at some point, but how they handle these situations are some of the qualities that make for a remarkable service.

Total Travel Company goes above and beyond to achieve customer satisfaction. This implies that we provide clean, well-maintained vehicles with professional, well-dressed, competent drivers who care about our customers' needs. We always strive to make every journey enjoyable and unforgettable.

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