Benefits of hiring a 16-seater luxury minibus

Hiring a minibus for transportation is handy and has many advantages, but the most important factor to consider is the environment. A 16-seater minibus is perfect for a group of people to travel together, which is far more environmentally beneficial than travelling in individual vehicles because it releases less carbon into the atmosphere.

Although you are still increasing your carbon footprint once in the air, it is your responsibility to attempt to minimise your environmental impact in any manner you can. Individual vehicle travel is not an environmentally sustainable option, especially when there are many better options available.

Travelling by bus or coach has the least carbon footprint of any form of transportation, including rail and airline.

Airport transfer

Preparing for a vacation, especially an international vacation, is an exciting time, but your holiday plans can easily get ruined if you and your family members do not get to the airport in time because the group was split up.

Determining how you will get to the airport in order to be there on time, is half of the job, the other is to find a suitable means of transport that will get you and your facility there in one go. There are many other choices but travelling by coach or bus is without a doubt the most convenient and best way.

No navigating traffic or finding suitable parking

When planning your vacation, driving to the airport may seem like the ideal option, but when the time comes, you may come to regret your decision. If you’re travelling during the day, you are likely to encounter traffic, especially if you have to drive during rush hour, and you will also end up looking for suitable parking, which takes extra time out of your trip.

This can significantly slow you down and cause the travel to take considerably longer than planned, putting you in danger of missing your flight. That’s a difficult start to your vacation that no one wants!


Consider the fact that an international trip, regardless of whether you are travelling for business or leisure, is not inexpensive, and you will need every bit of spare cash for spending money, once you have reached your destination.

This implies that if you don’t have to pay for an expensive cab to take you to the airport, it’s a win-win situation! Other forms of transportation, however, are as expensive. With a rental car, for example, you will have to pay for both petrol and airport parking (which is generally not cheap), whereas a train ticket for everyone could soon mount up.

In stark contrast to all of this, a 16-seater luxury minibus with a driver will not only be more convenient but also a more affordable option, adding another advantage to the list! While using the train may seem like a smart option, the frequency of violent assaults and attacks is increasing year after year and your safety might not be guaranteed. If you are travelling late at night and have a lot of luggage to contend with, you may be an easy target on a train.

Don’t risk being late or arriving in a foul mood when it’s time to drive to the airport to catch your flights. 16-Seater luxury minibus travel is definitely more pleasant and convenient, and because they are less expensive, you and your family members will arrive at the airport feeling refreshed and ready to begin a great vacation.

At Total Travel Company, we understand that nothing is more essential than creating a good first impression, which is why our complete range of chauffeur-driven vehicles, which include several 16-seater luxury minibuses, could assist you in doing exactly that.

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